The Dorm (E17): The mouse & the muse

The dorm mates plot with the three casting semi-finalists from the last episode to get Arseny a little drunk, so he’ll stop being so shy around girls. They all meet at a bar to select the ultimate winner, who will hang out with the boys for the rest of their stay at camp. Although they manage to get Arseny a little tipsy, the girls must resort to table dancing to really loosen Arseny up. The next day, the friends and the casting winner, Sveta, head to the nearest town to find Arseny a girl. At first, Arseny is obstinate and refuses to approach any, but Akhmed takes matters in hand and finds some gorgeous bait to tempt him out of his shell. Though Arseny tries to compliment her, his inventive flattery leaves the gang in stitches. Their new friend Irina is very pro-active, and won’t let Arseny off the hook. She finally gets him out of his deck chair and gives him an assignment to talk to 10 girls in 10 minutes. Although Arseny says meeting girls is like jumping off a cliff without a parachute, with Irina’s constant encouragement, he sets off to give it a go.