The Dorm (E19): Who’s the boss?

It’s the last day of camp, and a relaxing day for Andrey and Arseny. But it's an important day for Akhmed. Irina's been taking the spotlight in their encounters, and Akhmed feels he’s losing his authority. He only has one day left to put Irina in her place and show her who's boss. They start out with arm wrestling, which Irina ‘wins’. The next contest is to be tennis, but Arseny lacks a partner. Despite offering food coupons, no girls want to play with him, crushing Arseny’s already rock bottom confidence with the ladies. Akhmed wants an easy victory on the court and says goodbye to Irina, but she turns out to be an ace and gloats about beating the pants off him. Akhmed then evens the score in a furious game of ping pong and demands Irina pay a humiliating price. Final victory hangs on who dares to perform the craziest stunt, and the whole gang wonders if Akhmed will have the chutzpah to beat the irascible Irina.