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Amazonka: The Iron Pumping Queen

The life of Natalya Kuznetsova – Russia’s heaviest female bodybuilding champion

Natalya Kuznetsova is a Russian bodybuilder who could easily be mistaken for an Amazon woman. Known as ‘Amazonka’, she can bench press 175 kilograms and deadlift 240. Her stunning muscles have earned Natalya the nickname ‘Amazonka’, as well as internet fame. She has half a million followers who enjoy checking out her selfies and intense training sessions on Instagram.

Natalya is considered Russia’s heaviest female bodybuilder, and some refuse to believe she’s a woman when they see her. The powerlifting champion pays no attention to derogatory comments, however, and says everyone should follow suit and do what they’re good at. For an inside look at Natalya’s life, RTD follows the powerlifter around the gym, visits with her at her home, and even attends her performance at the Bolshoi Theatre!