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Feminine Front

Women in Donbass take up arms to defend their homes

Since 2014, many women have volunteered to join the Donbass militia. On the front lines and in hospitals, they work without breaks. Anna used to be a flight attendant and later worked at the Ukrainian Embassy in Jordan. When the military operation began though, she volunteered as a soldier with the Donetsk Republic’s Army to defend her homeland.

Men often oppose women joining the army, but Anna passed all the tests and learned about combat under Grad attacks and bombing. She went on to become a deputy company leader in a rifle battalion and now helps bolster the men’s morale: ‘I can tell you that it might have impressed many men because when they see a woman fight, their fear goes away, too’.

The documentary tells the stories of women who are strong in spirit and willing to do their bit to bring peace back to their homeland.