Syrian car enthusiast finds dream job in Moscow

While the war was raging in Syria in 2012, Amin Nasani had no choice but to leave his home and family behind. He had his reasons for his choice of Russia as a place to have a better and safer life.

Moving to another country can prove to be a real challenge but Amin immersed himself in the new culture and language. He fell in love not only with Moscow’s fast pace of life but also with the woman who became his wife.

Amin has lived in Russia for almost a decade. He studied and discovered new opportunities, ones he never had back home. As a car enthusiast, having known the ins and outs of car tuning, he secured a job in spare parts sales and gained the respect of his coworkers.

In this episode of No Limits, we catch up with Amin to discuss how he pulled through, found stability and happiness.