Sklif (Ep14) A young man needs a liver transplant after suffering a number of near-death experiences

It’s hard to say whether Soslan has been very unlucky in life or vice versa. He was born prematurely and immediately contracted hepatitis B, but overcame both ordeals. As a schoolboy, he was taken hostage by terrorists during the infamous Beslan school siege, but happily survived. Now in his twenties, he needs a liver transplant due to a cancerous tumour. He is hopeful, however, that once again he’ll come through. However, it’s imperative that his cancer hasn’t spread to other organs and that a donor organ is found in time.

Both his brothers have offered to become liver donors, but Soslan feels uneasy about accepting, fearing surgery may have serious consequences for them. However, the final decision regarding the brothers’ suitability as donors will be made by doctors at the Sklif hospital.