Sklif (Ep24) Hope for a healthy life: a lung transplant for a cystic fibrosis patient

Aleksey was born with cystic fibrosis. This disease has affected his whole body, but mostly his lungs. He needs to use an oxygen mask to breath. This prevents him from leading a normal and independent life as his peers do. At 26, he has to rely on his mother for help. To make matters worse, his disease has progressed to the point where he needs a lung transplant to survive.

However, it is difficult to find a suitable organ, so the operation has already been cancelled once. Now, Aleksey and his mother are hoping the second attempt at the surgery will be successful. It would give Aleksey a new lease of life and help him achieve his dream – to ride his brand-new bike.

Sklif, a new series on RTD, provides an exclusive look inside the famous Sklifosovsky Institute. It's known to every Muscovite, and many Russians too. With the best equipment and medical specialists in the country, it represents the pinnacle of emergency medicine. The hospital's Emergency Intensive Care Unit is the clinic's busiest unit, with doctors and nurses tending to those whose lives are hanging by a thread. Watch the film in Russian.