Sklif (Ep28) Undergoing brain surgery to cure severe epilepsy

Russia’s famous Sklifosovsky Institute (a.k.a. Sklif), has some of the best neurosurgeons in the world. In this episode, a family from Kazakhstan seeks their help.

Klim is a young man with cerebral palsy. Recently, his health worsened and he developed severe epilepsy in addition to his original condition. Frequent seizures mean he needs constant assistance, preventing him from achieving his career goals and personal ambitions. They also pose a serious threat to his life, as they may lead to a stroke.

Many epilepsy sufferers are able to use medication to manage their condition, but in Klim’s case brain surgery is needed. This is always a dangerous path to take, as the slightest error by the surgeon could cost the patient dearly. However, surgery is the only option left open to Klim. Originally from Kazakhstan, his family considered several countries for the procedure: from their homeland, to Israel. In the end they decided to trust their son’s life and health to the experts at Russia’s Sklifosovsky Institute. 

Sklif series on RT Doc provides an exclusive look inside the famous Sklifosovsky Institute. It's known to every Muscovite, and many Russians too. With the best equipment and medical specialists in the country, it represents the pinnacle of emergency medicine. The hospital's Emergency Intensive Care Unit is the clinic's busiest unit, with doctors and nurses tending to those whose lives are hanging by a thread.