Sklif (Ep3) Treating a patient who fell under a train

Sklif’s emergency room resuscitation specialist Andrey is sure that whenever he works the first shift, there is a spike in the number of patients. He expects at least three emergency cases to arrive in short order. His colleagues, however, put it all down to superstition and doubt that the past is any guide to the present.

Soon, the patients start to arrive and there are indeed three of them: one fell under a train, another drank over a litre of vodka and injured himself, while the third suffered a fall from the fifth floor. Is this just coincidence or is Andrey right?

The emergency room doctors are used to hearing all sorts of stories behind unusual injuries. Even so, the case of the man who fell under a train and survived intrigues them. Watch this episode to discover the unfortunate sequence of events that led to his accident.