Sklif (Ep17) A woman who has spent 17 years on dialysis

Elena is 53 and has lived with just one working kidney for the past 17 years. She’s been putting off transplant surgery, relying on dialysis. Having this procedure for so long, however, has caused new health risks. The time has come for Elena to stop ignoring the necessity of surgery. She must now get a healthy donor organ.

The operation could improve Elena’s quality of life. Presently, she can’t work due to her disability and has to be cared for by her son. She is also dependent on dialysis. If the surgery is successful, it will considerably improve her health and give her a new lease of life. However, Elena’s long-term use of dialysis may complicate her surgery and make it more dangerous.

Sklif, a new series on RTD, provides an exclusive look inside the famous Sklifosovsky Institute. It's known to every Muscovite, and many Russians too. With the best equipment and medical specialists in the country, it represents the pinnacle of emergency medicine. The hospital's Emergency Intensive Care Unit is the clinic's busiest unit, with doctors and nurses tending to those whose lives are hanging by a thread. Watch the film in Russian.