Sklif (Ep9) Valery’s story continued: a shocking discovery after a double lung transplant

While Valery was recovering from his double lung transplant, his doctors discovered he had tuberculosis. This dangerous disease had damaged his old lungs, and unless it’s dealt with immediately it could damage the new ones as well. The treatment, however, is complicated by the fact that Valery has to take immune suppressants to prevent his body from rejecting the new organs. The doctors need to maintain the right balance between the immune suppressants and the anti-tuberculosis drugs. They say that if they had known Valery had the disease, his surgery would have been cancelled.

Valery’s wife Vera is happy the surgery was done and went well. She prefers to concentrate on the good things and believes they will be able to overcome all the setbacks. She travels to Moscow to visit her husband in Sklif and give him support and encouragement.