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Amnesty in Wartime

Assad Pardons Former Syrian Militants

RTD’s documentary on amnestied Syrian fighters offers exclusive footage of life in a military camp for those who’ve returned to the Syrian government’s army.

Some went AWOL and risked punishment, and others were members of radical Islamic groups such as Al-Nusra or ISIS. They have taken advantage of the amnesty offered by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to deserters and rebel fighters who lay down their weapons.

The young men share harrowing stories of what brought them to the camp. Fellow soldiers struggle to trust each other: what if a recruit was the one who killed their brother? For them, the amnesty offers a chance for a fresh start, fighting to protect their homeland.

Young conscripts crouching round a dove painted in orange on the ground outside an army barracks for Syrian amnestied fighters. A heart is also painted on the ground. Taken while filming RTD documentary about Syrian amnestied fighters Amnesty in Wartime.
Although the Syrian war is still ongoing, deserters and rebel fighters who lay down their arms can get amnesty from the government. They then join special Syrian Army units for amnestied fighters, to complete their military service and defend their homeland.