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Imprisoned: The Man with a Cigarette

Kenny Richey, 21 years on death row for a child murder he denies

Kenny Richey spent 21 and a half years on death row in Ohio for the murder by arson of a two-year-old girl. He survived 13 execution dates; each one postponed as his lawyers filed new appeals reviews of Richey’s case. In 2005, some of the evidence used in the investigation was proven to be false, and Richey walked free after accepting a plea deal.

Kenny Richey after 21 years on death row in Ohio
Kenny Richey has to live in a tent in a forest and has no regular job.

He has since struggled to rebuild his life. Episode two of the Imprisoned series pieces together Richey’s story where some still question his innocence. Amnesty International once called his trial “one of the most compelling cases of apparent innocence that human right campaigners have ever seen”, while his ex-wife claims she heard Richey confess to the crime.