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Our Big Russian Family

Fostering 30 kids

Alyona was fostered and brought back six times until she met the Falin family. She had an attchment disorder and trusted no one. For many families, she was too much to handle, and they kept giving her back again and again. Tatyana and Artem Falins made it their priority to help Alena adjust and not betray her trust ever again. Their love, stability and care melted Alena’s heart and took her out of the dark place she’d been in. This is just one of the happy stories in the Falin family.

Over the years, they have fostered 30 children from dysfunctional families or even from the streets. They feed their wards and provide them with a safe home, but what’s more important, they give them love and self-confidence to live a full life. How does this family do that?