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Seeking Recognition: Republika Srpska

Bosnian Serbs’ unindependent state, stuck in Western-imposed limbo

RTD’s documentary about Republika Srpska goes off the tourist track with this rare glimpse into the “entity” through which Bosnia’s 1.3 million Serbs govern themselves within the country of Bosnia-Herzegovina. 

RTD gives Bosnian Serbs the chance to tell their side of the story about the War and its aftermath. Recent President Milorad Dodik shares his frustration with Western double standards in opposing Serbian independence. Darko Mladic, the son of Butcher-or-hero, General Ratko Mladic, and wartime Parliamentary Speaker and ex-convict, Moncilo Krajicek. Both speak of bias at the ICTY Court in the Hague. In Andricgrad, the city of culture he founded, the legendary director, Emir Kusturica shares his hopes of bringing healing to the region through education.

Tank with slogan painted in cyrillic surrounded by smoke / Archive footage from Republika Srpska Radio and Television.
Republika Srpska was born when Yugoslavia fell apart, and Bosnian Serbs refused to become an ethnic minority within the newly-independent Bosnia-Herzegovina. This led to the bloody war in Bosnia between Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks. The wounds of the conflict are still raw and prevent Bosnian Serbs from moving ahead with their lives. / Archive footage from Republika Srpska Radio and Television.