Lady of Business (E10) The ultimate decision: keeping the business or starting a new life in Georgia?

Anna had been counting on a buying trip to the United Arab Emirates to save her business, but it doesn’t seem to have worked. The new merchandise that she bought in Dubai is not selling well.  It appears that, despite all her efforts, her business might now be beyond help. Even so, Anna is not quite ready to give up. In a desperate attempt to raise enough money to pay her rent, Anna uses every trick in the book to keep going: from trading on the street, to employing the services of a clairvoyant. 

Meanwhile, her husband, Shota persuades her that moving to his native Georgia would provide an opportunity to start afresh. He’s convinced that the time has come for Anna to let go of the failing business and get some rest. He is also adamant that she’ll be able to build a successful business in Georgia if that’s what she wants. He makes a good case but she has yet to be convinced, after all, after working for so many years to keep her business afloat, it’s an attachment that will be hard to break. 

Anna is standing at a cross-roads and needs to weigh up all her options before making a final decision. Whilst times have been hard for Anna, she feels that with her Dubai trip, she gave it her best shot. Luckily, her family supports her through thick and thin and her husband, Shota has a pleasant surprise in store to distract her from all the financial and entrepreneurial troubles.

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