Lady of Business (E2) Juggling her family and her business

On the one hand - the son`s wedding, on the other – attending an important family baptism in Georgia. All this takes resources that Anna simply does not possess. One of her shops is about to be closed down and while sales are falling,  the very real and dramatic possibility of  bankruptcy gets ever closer. At this decisive moment she makes up her mind to travel to Turkey to buy goods she can resell at home. Convinced that this is the only way she can save her business, she first has to find the money to pay for the trip.

Anna considers renting out half her shop and although many people want to share a sales floor with her, Anna remains unsure about how effective the solution will be. Despite her doubts, she agrees to meet a potential tenant. 

Wracking her brains to think of ways to get the much needed money, she remembers their garage, which has been lying emptying for 3 years. At the same time she asks an old friend for a loan. She is beset with doubts: should she go into debt or sell the family’s garage?  Eventually, she chooses to borrow.  Now with cash in hand, she’s ready to go. Only time will tell if the venture will be enough to revive the flagging business, or bring about even more stress and heartache.