Lady of Business (E9) Anna’s master class on haggling

The owner of a modest and struggling child’s clothing shop in a Moscow market, Anna Smirnova heads for the UAE in a desperate bid to keep her small business afloat. Times have been hard and profits few and far between. She hopes that Dubai’s stylish children’s clothes and beautiful knick-knacks for the home will pull in more customers and help her pay off her debts.

While meeting old acquaintances and traders, Anna is reminded of her youth, when she had just started out. In a few emotional moments she reflects on how time flies and how her own life has changed so much over the years. Business practices have changed too; “shuttle traders” are entrepreneurs who travel abroad to import stock. In days gone by they used special courier companies to deliver goods from the Emirates to Russia, they could freely cross custom borders, today though traders have to carry their own merchandisers.

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After walking around for several hours of searching and haggling, Anna finally finds some products to her taste, and that she’s sure will appeal to the customers. The intrepid businesswoman is neither flustered nor confused, after 18 years in the market business, she’s developed a knack for tough talk with fellow traders.

Eventually her business trip is over and Anna returns to Moscow, where she has to settle her financial problems and make her shop work. RTD shows how despite endless hardships and lack of money, this fearless business lady continues to build her clothing empire and survive in a depressed market.

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