Lady of Business (E3) Purchasing unusual child's clothes in Turkey to save enterprise.

Episode three continues Anna’s story, the Moscow business woman who’s facing a crisis as sales are falling by the day. She’s now certain that her only chance to reverse the situation is a trip to Turkey, where she can restock with new goods to kick start the business again.

I hasn’t been easy but Anna finally makes it to Turkey. This trip, however, is different! This time, it’s not just the fate of her business at stake but her whole family’s too. It’s her last chance to save her livelihood, and she can’t fail. Just one mistake could jeopardise everything she has worked for.

Nostalgia sets in the moment she gets off the plane, she’s missed Turkey, the colours, the food, old friends and hospitable people. She has no time to dwell on the beautiful country’s charm, she goes straight to work. Immediately after checking-in to her hotel she heads for the main shopping street, hoping to find something special and unique that her customers will buy. 

With the shopping done, she goes to her favourite café to savour her favourite traditional Turkish dishes. Later though, a potential disaster; one parcel, containing her most expensive purchases, is missing. The lost package though is not the worst part. Every shipping office she can find is closed for the New Year holiday meaning that Anna can’t send her goods to Moscow in time.

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