Lady of Business (E1) She’ll stop at nothing to save her business and family

Anna is an ordinary muscovite. She earns her living by selling children’s clothes in Moscow. That’s been her business for 20 years and it’s always gone well.  Now it’s different, when there’s a crisis small-scale entrepreneurs suffer losses. Anna is no exception: sales are falling fast.

Gone are the days when she could buy the right products in Turkey and sell them at home. Now though, trips to Turkey have become a costly indulgence. Anna must find a way out of the slump to avoid going bankrupt.

Anna is more than just a businesswoman, she’s also a wife and mother. Her son Alexey and his fiancé want to get married but they haven’t been able to save enough money. Anna recklessly promises 100,000 rubles towards the wedding, now she has to keep her word.

Anna also harbours a dream, she wants to move her  to the Georgian mountains, her husband’s native home. There they can live more simply, but for all of that to come true, she must save her business.

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