Lady of Business (E7) Using every available resource to get the money for her Emirates trip

Anna’s business is falling apart. After returning from her holiday in Georgia, she is forced to close one of her shops leaving just one, and even that is barely staying afloat. Anna longs for the successful, good old days when the clothes she bought in the Emirates were extremely popular. At the dawn of her retail business, she sold imported goods at affordable prices and her enterprise flourished. Now though, increased competition and a deepening economic crisis have conspired to make selling children’s clothes much harder.

Still, clasping at straws, Anna decides to undertake one more trip to the UAE. This will be the ultimate “make or break” attempt to save her business. She is certain that she just has to find the right, “in vogue”, product lines to give her last remaining shop the boost it so desperately needs.

The first hurdle is finding the money to fund the critical trip. Sadly though, nothing seems to go her way. An unfortunate series of events would have discouraged many, but Anna refuses to give up. Ever the optimist, she racks her brain to find a way out of her misfortune and raise the cash to fund her journey. With her eyes firmly on the prize, she stoically accepts what fate has to offer and mobilises every resource she can think of to achieve her goal.

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