Lady of Business (E8) Iron Lady of Business goes to Dubai’s markets to save her shops

An ordinary muscovite, Anna Smirnova built her business on selling kiddies clothes at a local market. Although she works tirelessly and is always busy as a bee as she tries to settle huge debts, financial troubles continue to bedevil her. Sales are falling fast and the only solution she can find to save her business is buy more wholesale goods in the UAE and to sell from her Moscow shop. 

Anna is confused and has no one to turn to for help and family relationships are buckling under the increasing strain of financial problems. She has built her business from the ground up over the last 18 years and she won’t be defeated by temporary obstacles. 

In the 10 years since Anna’s last visit to Dubai the city has changed drastically. The new-born Middle Eastern metropolis leaves a powerful and lasting impression, she soon feels like a nervous wreck among the neon signs and fancy hotels. She’s come to Dubai in search of out-of-the-ordinary products she can sell at a profit, but the local markets, and the goods on offer, have changed beyond recognition. After endless hours of walking and haggling with local traders, Anna finally finds something she thinks might prove popular on the Russian market.

During her trip, Anna meets fellow countryman, Vladimir, and they immediately hit it off. He impresses the self-sufficient businesswoman with his gentleness and kindness. 

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Not even Anna knows how she’ll cope in a foreign country but can only hope the trip will generate the profits she needs to save her business and family, exclusive to RTD.

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