The Kalashnikova Show: Russia’s Military Secrets with Anna Knishenko

Sukhoi Su-34 ‘Hell Duck’ | The Kalashnikova Show. Episode 16

The Russian Sukhoi Su-34 is one of the most advanced strike fighters in the world today. The 4+ generation fighter combines characteristics of a fighter, bomber, and strike fighter. The Su-34 is capable of engaging enemy targets on the ground and in the air, carrying up to eight tonnes of munitions. The Su-34 is also unique because it can stay in the air for as long as 10 hours and can refuel in the air. The Su-34 has a roomy cockpit, as well a bunk, a kitchen, and a lavatory. In Russian, the Sukhoi Su-34 is affectionately called ‘the duckling’ because of the shape of its nose.

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