The Kalashnikova Show: Russia’s Military Secrets with Anna Knishenko

Extremely quiet ‘black hole’ Kilo-class submarine | The Kalashnikova Show (Episode 1)

Get an up-close look at a real ‘Stealth’ Kilo-class submarine, also known as a ‘black hole’ sub with the Kalashnikova Show, as RT correspondent Anna Knishenko climbs aboard one. This diesel-electric submarine ‘Rostov-on-Don' from Kilo-class (Project 636.3) is designed for anti-ship and anti-submarine warfare, as well as for general patrol missions. The Kilo-class submarine is armed with torpedoes and cruise missiles. It can dive to a depth of 300 metres. Find out why the US Navy calls it a ‘black hole’ and what physical requirements crew members have to meet to serve on it.