The Kalashnikova Show: Russia’s Military Secrets with Anna Knishenko

Russian weapons in Egypt | The Kalashnikova Show. Episode 39. Russian military hardware in Egypt

The Kalashnikova Show goes to Egypt, one of Russia’s most important military partners in the region. Host Anna Knishenko takes a look at Russian military hardware in service with the Egyptian Army. Moscow and Cairo have agreed on delivery of MiG-29 light fighters, the S-300 anti-aircraft system, Ka-52 helicopters. Egypt is also said to acquire T-90 tanks.

The Egyptian armed forces also use Russian firearms, including the AK-103, Pecheneg machine gun and the Kord heavy machine gun.

We also watch joint exercises of the Egyptian and Russian soldiers. Some 500 soldiers train in parachuting, vertical paratrooper manoeuvres and airborne infiltration missions.