The Kalashnikova Show: Russia’s Military Secrets with Anna Knishenko

Helicopter Fleet at Khmeimim Airbase | The Kalashnikova Show. Episode 36

Russia’s Khmeimim Airbase in Syria is home to a fleet of helicopters, including Mi-35s, Kamov Ka-52s and Mi-8s. Host Anna Knishenko takes a look at all of them.

The Mi-35 has replaced the Mi-24 ‘flying tank’. It’s a multi-role helicopter, designed to support ground troops. Its enhanced characteristics allow it to operate at night as efficiently as in the day. Another development by the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant deployed at Khmeimim is the upgraded Mi-8. It’s one of the most popular transport helicopters, able to carry 32 soldiers at a time or up to 12 casualties. Finally, there is the Kamov Ka-52 attack helicopter with the counter-rotating blades. It can destroy enemy targets and undertake reconnaissance.