The Kalashnikova Show: Russia’s Military Secrets with Anna Knishenko

What’s in Russian and American military meals? | The Kalashnikova Show. Episode 34

What do Russian and American soldiers find in their ready-to-eat military meals? Host Anna Knishenko checks out both to find out which warriors get fed with the tastiest and most nutritious rations. Russian and American rations both contain almost 3600 calories, which should be enough for a day on a field mission. While the Russian package contains 3 meals, Americans get 3 packages, each containing one meal.

The Russian soldier gets three main courses, one of which is always buckwheat with beef. They also get chopped liver, crackers, fruit jam, a piece of gum, some chocolate and an instant peach flavoured drink. The Russian pack also has some handy storm-proof matches, a heating device and water purification tablets. The US ration pack has chicken chunks with barbecue sauce, tortillas, cheddar cheese, a beef snack, some crisps and an instant drink. Find out pack Anna liked the best and take a look at a typical Russian military cafeteria and mobile field kitchen.