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Find My General!

The incredible quest for Napoleon's favourite general lost in Russia

Since General Gudin‘s death near Smolensk during Napoleon’s ill-fated 1812 Russia campaign, the grave of this friend of the French Emperor had never been found. During the summer of 2019, however, a team of French and Russian archeologists filmed by an RTD crew excavate possible locations.

Finding Napoleon's general Gudin
For archeologists, the 2019 hunt for the lost grave of Napoleon's friend, General Gudin, turned into an exciting if muddy game.

Chances of solving this particular Napoleonic war mystery are slim. But for Count Alberic d’Orleans, his direct descendant, finding Gudin on Russian soil and bringing him home would be a particularly meaningful way of turning a page of history. As for Pierre Malinowski, the former French soldier who spearheaded the project, his ultimate aim is to bring the fallen warrior back to his native soil.