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Yellow Vest Fever

The movement’s unofficial leaders explain what they really want and why the protests are just the beginning

Since November 17, 2018, the Yellow Vests protests that have swept across France from small villages to city centres have grabbed the world’s attention. RTD finds out what’s making small-town France so angry in a unique documentary that features the main players of the movement in one film.

a Yellow Vest protestor wearing a mask  is crouching in front of a burning car, arms outstretched. In the background, a crowd of demonstrators wearing yellow vests are walking in front of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Still taken from RTD documentary Yellow Vest Fever.
The Yellow Vest movement broke the rules of French protests, often overwhelming the police, which used heavy handed methods against demonstrators.

An RTD crew listens to Priscillia Ludosky, Ghislain Coutard, and Maxime Nicolle, the stars of the leaderless movement, in their homes and at demonstrations as they explain what drove them to start the campaign, while Yellow Vest celebrity Jerome Rodrigues describes how he lost an eye to police brutality. Eyewitnesses and police union representative Alexandre Langlois talk about who’s to blame for the violence that’s marred demonstrations. The Yellow Vests’ methods and demands are evolving as they gain experience through their struggle. So, is the movement here to stay?