Black Lives: Liberty Maze. Inside America’s homeless epidemic

Tent cities and shantytowns spring up on sidewalks blocks away from glittery upscale districts in America’s biggest cities like New York, Los Angeles or Philadelphia. The homeless population is exploding with many people at risk of hitting rock bottom just by missing their next paycheck. According to the latest government figures, more than half a million Americans slept rough in 2017.

People ending up homeless live in dire conditions. No access to sanitation or medical assistance, lack of temporary housing, and police harassment are among the many things the homeless deal with every day. Many suffer from substance abuse and mental illness apart from poverty which often pushes people into living on the streets. 

Episode two takes you to the epicentre of America’s homelessness crisis. We meet men who live in the shadow of wealth but haven’t had a roof over their heads for years. They share their experiences of survival.