Cold War Weapons | Anti-Satellite Weapons: Episode 2

The Cold War space race between the US and the USSR resulted in the creation of numerous groundbreaking technologies. When one superpower enhanced its military potential, it immediately caused the other one to upstage and outperform it.

But by the second half of the 1970s, the USSR possessed an entire space flotilla. It had manned orbital stations, operational reconnaissance satellites, and interceptor satellites. What could American scientists create to counter the fleet of spaceships?

The response from the Americans came in 1981. The first shuttlecraft, capable of carrying a 30-ton payload, was launched. Could the Space Shuttle steal Soviet orbital stations from orbit and accommodate it in its cargo hold? Or was it designed to deliver a nuclear bomb into space?

The new Cold War Weapons episode compares the space capabilities of superpowers and reveals the secrets of their orbital stations and cosmic developments.