Cold War Weapons | Tanks: Episode 1

Following WWII, the nuclear arms race between the United States and the USSR began. Initially, the US had the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, while the Soviet Union had its first nuclear detonation in 1949. In the 1950s nuclear tests were performed regularly. The first episode of the Cold War Weapons focuses on tanks that could potentially withstand an atomic strike.

Host Marina Kosareva visits one of the world’s best tank museums in the town of Kubinka. It’s the home to unique exhibits of Soviet technology, including Exhibit 279. It looks like a flying saucer, but it’s a real-life judgment day weapon. The futuristic vehicle weighs 60 tonnes and reaches speeds of up to 55 kilometres per hour. Exhibit 279’s armour is boosted to the max - five times more thick than the T-34. The 279 also has an extra pair of tracks, enabling it to manoeuvre on muddy terrain.

In the meantime, the Americans relied heavily on aviation. The mainstay of their armoured line was the M4 Sherman and M24 Chaffee tanks. In 1945, the US introduced the M26 Pershing. It was put to the test during the Korean War. The model had an extremely thick armour that was almost 20 cm thick in some areas and it was armed with 90 millimetre cannons.

Check out these legendary tanks in the new series dedicated to the Cold War weapons. Tune in for a new episode every Monday, share it with your friends and leave comments!