Cold War Weapons | Tanks: Episode 2

In the 1960s, the Soviet Union introduced the T-64 tank, which changed the entire structure of the USSR’s tank forces. The machine was as fast as the light tanks, but was armed with powerful weapons that only heavyweight tanks had. The T-64 also had a particularly strong armour that could resist shaped charge ammunition. Not all tank crews, however, were happy with the new tank. 

In the US, the M-60, one of America’s most produced massive tanks, was undergoing a modernisation. Engineers especially prided themselves on the M-60’s strong armour. The US shipped dozens of M-60 to Israel during the Yom Kippur War. It’s still in service in 18 countries. 

At the same time, the USSR put the T-72 tank into service. It's considered an equivalent of the Kalashnikov in the world of tanks. The T-72's main armament is a 125mm smooth-bore gun which can even fire rockets. In the US, the M-1 Abrams entered into service in the US, becoming the pinnacle of American tank evolution. First tested in combat during the First Gulf War, it remains the US’s main battle tank . 

Check out this episode of Cold War Weapons with host Marina Kosareva as she takes a closer look at some Soviet tanks and even takes the T-80 on a ride. Weapon tester Alexey Smirnov fires HEAT and high-explosive rounds from the T-72. Don’t miss the new episode! They're coming your way every Monday.