Cold War Weapons | MiG Fighters: Episode 1

During the Cold War both the Soviet Union and the United States possessed nuclear weapons, which meant there would be no winner in case of a genuine confrontation. American and Soviet leaders dreamt of inventing such weapons that would render nuclear bombs and missiles obsolete. Therefore, the space race between the USSR and the USA took up speed.

Soviet scientists were tasked with the creation of a space fighter capable of maneuvering in space battles. The ‘Spiral’ spaceplane was designed to perform an atmospheric dive down to 60-70 kilometres, leave orbit, conduct bombing and, surprisingly, return to Earth just as regular aircraft do.

Meanwhile, American scientists hoped to outdo ‘Spiral’. They used drawings and calculations of the first space plane project developed in Hitler’s Third Reich. America’s ‘Dyna Soar’ orbiting plane was supposed to be the super weapon of the future. But what happened when the project was implemented?

This episode takes a look at hypersonic space aircrafts. Watch it to see what projects were real game changers!