Cold War Weapons | Lasers: Episode 1

During the Cold War, outer space was perceived as the key area of confrontation between the superpowers. But that wasn’t the only realm of competition. In the 1960s, another super-secret competition began – the fight to create a laser. At that time only a small circle of specialists knew about the super-weapon that could alter the world's entire security system.

In the 1970s, the US launched its “Excalibur” project. The device was presumed to be placed around a nuclear charge. After the bomb explosion, lasers would be directed to attack a target thousands of kilometers away. The idea was to capture the bomb’s energy and collect it into a destructive beam.

At the same time, the USSR was hard at work on the “Skif” project. Scientists began to develop an orbital laser-combat platform that was supposed to destroy enemy satellites, seagoing vessels or ground targets with laser weapons. But there was another even more secret Soviet project – a superlaser called Terra-3. The military used it in 1984 to irradiate an American spacecraft that was flying over the laser installation on a spy mission.

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