Cold War Weapons | Spies: Episode 2

US-Soviet relations faced many ups and downs during the Cold War, but nothing could affect intelligence operations. Sophisticated gadgets, special shooting devices and secret agents became an integral part of the superpower rivalry. Back then, nearly every mission ended up being a battle between spy gadgets. But not all the agents were eager to use the sophisticated technology: if found, these devices would be a strong indication that their owner was a spy. This was what happened to Oleg Penkovsky, the first Soviet spy recruited by the CIA. When the KGB discovered the world's smallest camera in Penkovsky’s flat it left no doub that he worked for foreign intelligence.

What secrets did the agent succeed in passing to the US and how did it affect the Cuban Missile Crisis?

Watch this episode to discover more details about Cold War spy missions and find out how the information was transmitted to the opposite side of the Iron Curtain!