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The childfree by choice explain why parenthood is not for everyone

In America, the childfree by choice are defying age-old tradition and deciding against having children. For the first time in history, voluntary childlessness has become a viable economic option. The social stigma has not entirely disappeared. Some argue avoiding reproduction is the ultimate stage of individualistic consumerism. The childfree disagree.

Those who have chosen that route, couples and singles, straight and gay, tell their story to RTD. They recall how they realised not having children of their own was the responsible option. They also share what gives their life meaning when they don’t have offspring. But can life ever be 100% childfree?

A childfree husband and wife look at each other while sitting on a sofa with a dog in the middle. Still taken from RTD documentary Kidless.
Some husbands and wives make the joint decision to forgo having children, but for different reasons.