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Living for the Angels

15 years on, Beslan terror attack survivors and their rescuer reunite at the school

Survivors of the Beslan terror attack know how precious life is. On 1 September 2004, 1,227 children, staff and relatives were taken hostage at a school in Beslan, in the Russian Caucasus. The siege ended two days later when special forces stormed the building, but 334 victims perished.

Beslan attack survivor, Irina Gurieva hugs her mother at Belsan airport. Still taken from RTD documentary Living for the Angels.
Many Beslan terror attack survivors lost family members in the atrocity and now live for those they still have.

 Fifteen years later, former child hostages are grown up and determined to live lives worthy of their lost family members and the soldiers who died trying to save them. A former “Spetsnaz” officer who took part in the operation still mourns those who died alongside him and grieves for the lives they couldn't save. They speak to RTD about those terrible days and, at long last, meet face-to-face at the old school, now a shrine to the victims.