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Fisher of Men

Tunisian man gives hundreds of unknown migrants a decent burial

In recent years, hundreds of thousands of migrants have been arriving in Europe via the Central Mediterranean sea route from Libya. Tragically, thousands of them have drowned on the way. In Tunisia, Chamseddine Marzoug, a former fisherman, has devoted his life to giving some of the washed-up bodies a decent burial. RTD visits his “cemetery of the unknown” in Jarjis, on the southeastern coast of the country and finds out why he has adopted these anonymous victims of the migrant crisis as family.

Tunisian fisherman Chamseddine Marzoug wearing a hat at cemetery of the unknown. Film taken from RTD documentary Fisher of Men.
Chamseddine Marzoug is an ordinary fisherman from Jarjis on Tunisia's southeastern coast. Instead of letting their remains be forgotten in mass graves, he gives migrants drowned in the Mediterranean a resting place of their own in his "cemetery of the unknown".

Sub-Saharan migrants stranded in Tunisia talk about their harrowing experiences at the hands of people traffickers in Libya. Young Tunisians explain why they would attempt the dangerous journey rather than abandon their dreams. When governments fail to give their people a future, can small gestures like that of Chamseddine Marzoug keep hope in humanity afloat?