Internal Affairs Ministry University | City Police Episode 9. How evidence can be essential to solving a crime

This episode of the City Police series shows how students at the Moscow Police University study become investigators. It is one of the most complicated professions because, like any law enforcement, it requires physical fitness and significant deduction and analytical skills. But, in many cases, when a crime is committed things aren't what they seem. Only special training and attention to detail can help untangle the web.

At the Moscow Police University, future investigators have a dedicated training facility resembling all sorts of places ordinary people go every day. They work various crime scenes, from a hit-and-run and an ATM robbery to prescription frauds and domestic abuse. Victims or witnesses are not always able to give a complete account of what happened. This is why clue and evidence analysis is so critical. The students check skid marks from a getaway car, fingerprints, or shards of a bottle that could have been used as a weapon.


What secret tells and clues do the investigators know to determine the truth? Watch our film about the investigator programme at the Moscow Police University, and you will find out. To learn more about the city police routine, check out new episodes of our City Police series every Monday at 14:00 GMT on the RT Documentary YT channel or