Traffic Police: Russian motorcycle cops show how to catch suspects | City Police Episode 2

In the second episode of the City Police series, the Russian traffic police check the roads at night. In this episode, they chase and arrest criminals. Most traffic accidents and traffic infractions happen at night. Why? 

The Russian police officers say traffic at night is a tenth of that during the day. But on average, half of road traffic accidents happen at night because drivers get tired and lose concentration. Some drivers could even drink alcohol and get behind the wheel. So the Russian police officers have to catch the lawbreakers. Presenter Aleksandr Nosik joins the police team. He sits next to an officer on patrol. The police officer knows where they’ll be going, as he already knows the blackspots, where most traffic accidents and offences happen. They will check them first.

As soon as Nosik’s shift starts, the traffic police notice a lawbreaker. They check on the suspect in a special database. Is it his car, or has he stolen it? What will happen to his car if the officer arrests him? Sometimes when the police stop a car and talk to the driver, they get ignored, and the car races away, and a chase begins. Police night shifts start at 8 pm and end at 12 midday. After this tough night, all the squad members have days off. They need to regain their strength for the next shift. Every six months, the officers have training courses. All of them have to be in good shape, so they do regular exercises.

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