Iron Characters. The challenges of interning at an iron ore quarry

Kachkanar Mining Complex is one of the largest mining companies located in Sverdlovskaya region, Russia. It exploits iron ore, which is smelted into high-tensile steel. Working in an iron ore mine is hard work, calling for the strength of will and cool nerves needed to exercise extreme caution when working with hazardous materials.

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Tatyana Rozhdestvenskaya has worked as a dispatcher at the Mining Complex for years. Despite a busy timetable, low salary and poor working conditions, Tatyana has to display self-confidence and strength to complete her work professionally and gain the respect of  her male colleagues. She has no fear of the responsibility and suggests new approaches to resolve management and technical issues.

To encourage younger staff to join the mountain plant, an internship program was designed to give newcomers a chance to see mining industry from the inside. Almost every job demands a high level of knowledge and technical experience. Anton Sokolov wants to try his hand at being a dispatcher to get a better understanding of the whole process. The job is so stressful that his first working day turns into a disaster.

RT Doc offers an unvarnished tour of a large Mining Complex. Anton, the young trainee will have a challenge on is hands to get through his first day without giving up.

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This unique series will introduce you to the work done at an iron ore mine. In a job like that you can't do without explosions and some seriously cool heavy machinery. This job is both tough and dangerous, but it’s also very important and someone has to do it. Meet the quarry workers of Kachkanar in the Urals region and watch them compete for the highest results in iron ore mining.