Iron Characters. The iron ore mine’s female dispatcher has a tough job

The Kachkanar Mining Complex is one of the largest mining companies in Russia’s Sverdlovskaya region. It extracts iron ore, which is smelted into high-strength steel. Working in an iron ore mine is hard, it calls for strong will, nerves of steel and extreme caution when dealing with hazardous materials.

Miners start their working day early in the morning, in a briefing meeting current issues are discussed and the latest news is presented by the managers along with the current production targets. To make life even more interesting, a competition is announced between the day and night shifts. The intention is to increase productivity and identify candidates for promotion. Everyone is motivated by the prospect of a bonus and is determined to break all the records, for the shift workers, it’s now a matter of honor.

Tatyana Rozhdestvenskaya is a highly skilled dispatcher who’s worked at the complex for many years. Despite extensive knowledge, energy and decisiveness, she knows that women hardly ever reach high career levels in mining, the leading roles are unfortunately reserved for men in this industry. Even so, Tatyana is responsible for controlling the extraction process and in an emergency, she will provide the technical support and coordination needed to ensure cooperation between departments.

In this episode of “Iron Characters”, our brave miners cope with new technical problems and race to come first in the productivity battle. 

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