Iron Characters. The Big Bang: Blasting to reach new iron ore

With the pit now half a kilometre deep, the quarry workers need to blow up some rock to reach new ore. From technicians to engineers, blasting involves many people, who all work to make it successful and safe.

While technician Valentina is responsible for mixing emulsion explosives, engineer Elena is in charge of the entire operation. Co-workers call slender Valentina the explosion maker. Elena calculates where to drill holes and the amount of explosive needed. This time, she has to check the railway track will not be affected. 

It’s also a busy time for dispatcher Tatyana Rozhdestvenskaya, who makes sure people and equipment are moved out of the blast zone. She also calls in the rescue team to measure the debris contamination after the blast. 

With things almost ready, the crew does the final checks by inspecting the holes and making sure people are at a safe distance. Although Elena is nervous, Tatyana is confident that blast will go well. 

Check out whether Tatyana is right and what 235 tons of explosives do to the quarry in Episode 6 of Iron Characters.