Iron Characters. Getting the life-work balance right

As a dispatcher at an iron ore quarry, Tatyana Rozhdestvenskaya has no time to rest even when her shift is over. As a local councillor, the neighbourhood turns to Tatyana with their problems, which she eagerly tries to solve. While she heads to another council meeting, her children train at a sports centre. 

Despite her busy schedule, Tatyana manages to squeeze in time to see Vladislava and Danil, who are in awe of their mother. 
Meanwhile, Tatyana’s male colleague from the northern quarry struggles with a poorly equipped dispatcher’s office. Enthusiastic Tatyana decides to help by meeting management with him. The bosses agree to renovate the office, and Tatyana is put in charge of making it right.

She scolds her coworker for putting up with bad conditions and gives him the task of listing the necessary changes. 
However, it’s not enough for Tatyana, as she then heads to a Kachkanar Mining Complex women’s committee meeting. 
To see how Tatyana juggles her home and work life, check out this episode of Iron Characters.