Iron Characters. Mount Kachkanar: A future paradise for skiers?

Mount Kachkanar is a year-round attraction for locals, drawn there to relax, hike or just a photo opportunity. One of them is Yury, a senior mechanic at the plant, who is getting ready for the annual hike to the summit along with his colleague and friend Aleksandr. 

Dispatcher and town councillor Tatyana Rozhdestvenskaya has come up with an idea of building a ski resort on Mount Kachkanar, that would turn their small town into a tourist mecca. Tatyana takes the plan to the mayor, and avid skier Sergey, who she is sure will back her ambitious project.

Not everyone in the town administration welcomes the project. One recent explosion at the quarry hurled pieces of rocks farther than expected, raising safety concerns. 

While Yury and Aleksandr wade through the winter wonderland to make it to the mountaintop before sunset, the town council is deciding on the project. Although Tatyana is adamant her plan will be a success, Aleksandr suggests it’s impossible to create a mini-Switzerland so close to an industrial zone. 

Tune in to this episode of Iron Characters to find out whether the council gives the green light to Tatyana’s plan.