Iron Characters. Faster, higher, stronger: Getting healthy mine-style

Even though Kachkanar is a small town, the residents have at least five sports centres to keep the young population active and allow plant workers to relax and exercise after a shift. 

Dmitry is the coach to the complex’s women’s five-a-side football team. The team steps up its training as the regional competition edges closer. For lathe operator, Olesya, football has turned into a passion. 

Meanwhile, Dmitry’s brother, Aleksey, trains children as young as four at a motorcycle club. He teaches the youngsters to persevere despite fall, bruises, and tears. After training, Aleksey heads to work at the quarry to visit his young assistant on an excavator.

Apart from work and football, Olesya has a daughter, who like many of the Kachkanar children takes part in after-school activities. Olesya stays to watch Katya rehearsing a song at the music school, but she struggles to hit the high notes. 

In this episode, see what Kachkanar complex workers do to stay active and healthy, setting their kids a good example.