No Life Too Small – Vets & Pets Ep.1

There’s a veterinary clinic outside Moscow. Whether it's a competition thoroughbred horse, pampered house cat, or scroungy stray dog, the vets at the animal hospital employ the latest medical technology to save, improve, and prolong the lives of our furry, four-legged companions. Though the clinic specialises in horses, no animal is turned away. Consequently, the facility is often full of homeless pets, which the staff try to rehome.

Chief veterinarian Milomir Kovac explains that you don’t make much money being a vet in Russia, so you have to really love animals. In this episode, the dedicated professionals treat a horse that took a fall during training, help an abandoned dog with some serious health problems, and a take in a litter of puppies rescued from the side of the road. Even a racoon beaten up by two dogs is given top-notch medical care.