Don’t mess with Mother Nature – Vets & Pets Ep.7

A large white dog named Laba was brought to the clinic to be put down. Her owners said she was too big and didn’t suit them. The vets refused and offered to take the dog in. No animal is put to sleep at the New Century Veterinary Clinic without a sound medical reason. Now they’ll need to find her a home – if she’s healthy enough. A Yorkie comes in for a routine check-up. Ekaterina explains that Yorkshire terriers often suffer from poor health because they are an artificially developed breed. They sometimes develop serious kidney, liver, and pancreatic problems at 12 months, and can lose all their teeth at the age of two. Nonetheless, Katya estimates they make up 90% of the clinic’s canine clientele. Meanwhile, Ruslan goes out on a house call to see a dog with conjunctivitis. It turns out the owner has been feeding her lots of sausage and cheese, which Ruslan suspects have prompted an allergic reaction, as these foods are not natural for dogs. Watch this episode to find out whether Laba will be cleared for adoption, why animals are afraid of the colour white, and what to do if a dog doesn’t like you.