A Close Call – Vets & Pets Ep.3

The heart rate of a horse that underwent abdominal surgery accelerates during the night, showing that the animal is in considerable pain. Though the operation on a twisted intestine went well, Yusan’s chances of recovery are only 1 in 10. The night shift is always stressful for vets, as they must deal with any medical emergency by themselves. In the morning, a woman arrives in a panic about her cat, which has just suffered from convulsions and had been foaming at the mouth. 

The clinic’s chief, Milomir Kovac, explains that being a vet is very similar to being a paediatrician, as neither babies nor animals can describe the symptoms that are ailing them. Meanwhile, an elderly woman brings in a litter of poodle-spaniel pups to have their tails cropped… but is horrified to discover that she will have to hold the wee things during the procedure! Watch this episode to find out if Yusan’s fighting spirit can beat the odds and learn some interesting facts about how horses sleep, what dogs remember, and the differences between dog and cat people.